Love – Putting the Horse Before the Cart

After Narcissistic Abuse


In order to form healthy relationships, certain elements or building blocks are necessary for healthy attachment:  Intimacy or knowing the other person, trusting that person, relying on that person, committing to that person and then depending on the type of relationship, adding the element of sexual intimacy.

It’s very common in the aftermath of this abuse that targets have a great fear and mistrust of ourselves in the area of “love” that we shun the idea all together. We fear that we will not be able to discern healthy love from toxic love whether that comes from another narcissist or someone equally unhealthy.

In order for us to build the type of healthy relationships we desire after having endured narcissistic abuse, we must come to understand how the 4 elements mentioned above build upon eachother and form the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Narcissistic Abuse – What Went Wrong?

In narcissistic relationships, the…

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